Monday, January 30, 2006

Google is on a roll

They are really trying to catch up on lost time and make the most out of others and market's mistakes, (not to mention theirs, which of course must be overlooked at the moment) as they are doing an ethnic cleansing so as to create to a new race.

Hey, don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong in that, don't we all do it.. except it is not so obvious!! Because when it becomes obvious, it then becomes more of a Bosnia pattern...let's just leave it at that !

It becomes all the more interesting when you are caught up in that grand scheme of things

Even more so, when you have some form of a physical "pain-point", identified as our little Google pain point, relentlessly being bombarded, whenever you use the net.

Cannot identify its genuinity, although they and the net seem to be responding very positively and in tandem. Naturally, the little ant seems to be excited to be a part of the whole razzmatazz.

Then reality hits !

Sorry mate - in fact it appears to us - you are spamming and as per our regulations, policies, blah...blah... and its adios amigo.

Finally it dawns on me - Ka Boom !

The so called pain point was an artificial one, caused either by ISP servers, bigger players, adwords advertisers with vested interests or if remotely possible some mad man.

Complaints follow.

Alright, as an afterthought - you can file a complaint and we shall review your case.

Ooh..I am thrilled.. I am going to lose sleep tonight.

If this is the case, then the "private internet" is going to be one of the biggest jokes of the year They would get better returns if they invest in a movie with a part of the info gathered. It would definitely be a Hollywood block-busters !

I say this, because they seem to have no actual touch with the end user, NO GET BACKS (or back-ups) their major market being controlled by AdWords and other junkie players.
But then who cares ?

Because this is a common factor in all major corporations, followed by huge media hype.
Besides, there are plenty of suckers around.

The end user are just the problem creators; they need to erase, whenever they hit a speed bump ! What I mean is that, your pain point is just another known problem for them, regardless of the constant pain and bombardment

What I couldn't fathom was why their IPO ended up as a joke (according to the media. Then again, the media relishes and thrives on such things)

Looking back, this experience more or less explains it

Their idea was extremely good, their timing was wrong (But I am not a stock market analyst to delve in to such things and give you a correct opinion!). They just did what they shouldn't do. It just goes to show, how important it is to know the source or actual cause of your pain points.

Consequently, if I remember well, and as per media statements, a few heads rolled.

Somebody has to take the blame ! Now they are trying to gun for the No.1 slot - I just can't understand their modus operandi

Sleeping over, I realized that the IPO and private Internet plan are directly linked. In fact they are inversely proportional, i.e., a yin and yan situation. ie., If the yin failed, and they want their yan to succeed, they better clean their yin records first.

So, technically, and metaphysically (or as per management principles, ie., pardon the inherent management guru / moron comment). If the fist failed, the second has to succeed.

But with all due respect, I reckon they got to focus on consolidating their strengths at the moment. ie., consolidate their database. After all what is a search engine without a database ? Then bring out another IPO to fund their grandiose private internet plan.

The concept is very good, if not frightening. Extremely useful to the average man. However, change the name from private internet to a "pubic internet" (sorry typo - public internet)

Their drawback, if we know others know, ie., any business expansion should be an undercover operation. Besides, the Chinese connection will be of absolutely no use for such a project

Why - They are getting to know what they should have actually known - long time back. Their only gain - they get to strengthen a bit of their technical base.

What they should do - USE IT AS THEIR GET BACK or BACK-UP!

Now isn't that food for thought !

If it took someone else from the opposite camp to tell them about their previous scenario, What is their present scenario ? A management change or a restructuring at the top would be nice won't it ?

So, I just don't know, why they are making such a huge brouhaha about it - because it will only ensure that it goes like the way the IPO went.

But then again, they have crossed the first hurdle - they have identified the artificial beta-blockers and have begun to replace them with their own.

There is so much movement in the market that is difficult to fill it in a single page..

Which way would it go - We would never know or WOULD WE ?

Either way there's gonna be a lot of excitement !

However, let's wish all success to Google

Until next time !
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Monday, January 16, 2006

The media's new fascination... Google

Google seems to be the media's new fascination these days.

Microsoft.... Balmer crashes chairs.... Serves thoses crooks right ! ... Yeah, right......God bless Microsoft.

Most of us must have seen these headings. In fact, now even whom do you like surveys (ie., Yahoo, Google or M) are are flooding the market. These survey guys never rest !

Its good to see the so called new face of the internet, Sun Microsystems all smiles (the same guys who won a libel from the Big Daddy himself !)

He is resting, he is watching...he doesn't even know what the hell is all this excitement about. All but that his investments through aid donations have finally paid off ! (hey guys, it was charity not investment....well..)

While, I do find these articles humorous, and do agree with them in some cases, there are areas
I would like to differ Please go over Big M's investments before making such make statements. We all do like to be recognised ... Hitting a big guy when you've the chance is not the way

While I am not in a position to explain this to you in detail, I would like to point out a single area, that may make you think twice.

I think you are aware majority of the share-holding of #1 is with the employees, which then surprises me how writers can quote that every day rabbits and other creatures coming out.

Even if it did, they just have to convert their so-called payouts to other companies as future investments. Because, if it is you who is telling them the mistake then you're in the wrong place. Besides, if they were worried, they would get in touch with you. Instead they are goading at such writers, so as to correct their mistakes, if at all they made any.

I think they are having a ball. Let me explain, where the problem is. The problem is neither with the big corporations.

The problem probably lies with small-time fixers, who are suddenly feeling very big (which of course is quite natural as empty vessels make most noise) - and causing major problems to big corporations. So it is not that Google is winning the battle - it is just a media creation, which some of us are a part of, and a few whom we don't want to are capitalising on.

Google seems to be the new media kid because every power struggle or a fix needs a positive and negative. They will face the same trend within a couple of years. What they must find is whose assets are actually being fixed. (Nonetheless, they don't have to worryI think big corporations even consider an Aid to social causes, companies, disasters etc., as investments)

As this is what once we called the risk factor - any big coporation with sufficient negative investments, can always sustain a major crisis.

Don't ask me what when wrong with Enron - don't quote me (as I said politics is always an essential part of big businesses)

These little ("so-called power fixers") may be the result of political power struggle fallouts, which will ultimately be eliminated, or kept aside as a buffer for future risks.

Its just that the calculations for a few have gone wrong and they use others to fix their mistakes. Anyway lotta guys are using this trend to make a quickie. We know that fixers are generally used only in cases of emergency and even so the fix-pattern is only known to a few.

Just imagine, when the fix-schedule becomes public knowledge, then the entire situation crashes like a set of dominos.

In short, there is no stop to it.

Don't quote me but I reckon this is democracy at its best !

Nonetheless I would advise to check your facts before going to press about the big guns, ie., M, Yahoo or Google

Until next time !

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another year - another diary gone..

The speed at which years pass you is so darn scary.

We should readjust ourselves to the time scales of some other planet, say Krypton where 13 earth years equals to one Kryptonian year. This way, we can still give the answer to someone, when they ask us -

How is it going? Not bad, still, taking it one day at a time.

Right now - well its better left unsaid - There is time in our hands, yet we can't use it.

Now where were we ?

Oh yes, before the thought passes, Happy Holidays, and the best to all of you for the coming year!

Now the formalities over, I just don't know what we can look forward for 2006, I mean businesswise.

I have been getting a lot of predictions from top players (and most of the time, most of it are right). Now, if I have to believe in them and plan accordingly, I would, have to re-adjust myself
very much.

Now that's not very good - Why ?

Because, these are the things that I have not expected, not in my normal schedule, I would have
to build up an agenda so as to develop a liking for it. Lastly, I would have to figure it out first.

Rumors have begun to swirl that Nick Denton's next move after getting placement on Yahoo sites will be to establish a Gawker-like site that looks at the drama and gossip in Silicon Valley.

Can a chatty insider blog by an outsider thrive in NDA-happy Silicon Valley ?

We may find out soon if the posting at Jack of all Blogs that picked up the details from A Blog Soup comes true.

This iMedia Connection article written by Shawn Collins, one of the leaders in the Affiliate Marketing industry, does a great job of comparing past and future Affiliate Marketing trends.

Also check out The Best of iMedia 2005 for a collection of great articles.

We hear a lot of talk these days about Affiliate Marketing, so lets take see how Affiliate Marketing is evolving. One of many examples has been the evolution forums as the primary communication channels evolving into blogs and RSS feeds.

One of the Affiliate Forums, I quite frequent is Internet Marketing Forum - The guys there are pretty well tuned with the market movements and developments, not to mention the enormous number of newbies present.

This does not mean the other forums are bad or this is the best one. It is just that these guys lend a hand to the newbies if they need it and totally humiliate them, if they cross the line. [I guess this is a predominant factor in most forums !!]

The market for affiliate marketing, in the UK, according to leading affiliate solution providers (another name for an affiliate networks) for 2005 was around £500-£600 million, in terms of total sales generated through affiliate networks, excluding white label and self-administered schemes. This represents at least double the affiliate turnover compared with 2003 and the affiliate solution providers confidently expect their own revenues to grow around 40% in 2006.

Now I just don't know how to analyze these figures, but they definitely are far worse, in comparison to what was predicted for 2005.

Nevertheless, what is even more scarier or should I say, thought provoking is this shocking report, I received recently from Bogdan Fiedur, the CEO of Adlandpro. I don't know, whether to believe it or not, but it is definitely something worth considering while planning your affiliate-marketing business.

So what are my plans - now if I have to believe all the stuff going around, I think I shall be happy playing second fiddle to the bigger players - They would definitely be having backup plans, should any problems arise, while studying the new market.

More information on this subject can be got at The REVENUE Magazine

Now to close up, an intro to a guide to start your career as an affiliate marketer.

Clickin It Rich
.It is an A to Z guide to getting started in affiliate marketing. It explains keyword research, finding profitable markets and gives you separate internet marketing plans to making money online. It focusses only on using affiliate programs to setup a profitable home business, written by the author of 'Nothing but Net' (which, if I remember clearly, could be obtained free once you purchase above book)