Sunday, March 25, 2007

Free Affiliate Resources

Just checkout these Free Utilities Links ....

They are some of the best free resources ...

  • Google Sitemap Generator

  • Google Rankings

  • 46 Best Ever Freeware Utilities

  • Webmaster Tools

  • 156 SEO Tools

  • Best 46 Free Utilities

  • Alexa Tools

  • Niche Bot

  • Affiliate Directories

  • Free Marketing Resources

  • There are many more such free resources, and most affiliate marketing sites have a page dedicated to either free resources or free downloads........ so next time you visit such pages, just bookmark them or scrawl them down somewhere..

    The below free keyword resources are also good that comes of good use to your Adsense Campaigns

  • Keywords That Make Money

  • Top Paying Keywords

  • Overture Keyword Prices

  • Forex Training
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    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Coupling In Marketing

    The video emphasiizes that for successful communication, you first have to find a "Common Interest" or a "Bond" with your customers, and then build you marketing strategy based on this platform..

    If you fail to do this, the chances are your customers would ignore you, no matter what you're trying to say. This is mainly because they wouldn't pay any attention to your subject as they cannot identify with it.. hence a "sausage" would provide a more innteresting topic than the subject itself..

    This video is taken from "Coupling" one of the more popular English serials, that shows the worldview's importance, in a funny way.

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