Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ashop E - Commerce Shopping Store

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Ten years ago if you tell people that you are going for online business people will definitely think otherwise about you. But now online business is an in-thing to do. Consumers just need to sit at home, look through the online catalogue, and choose what they want then place their orders into the shopping cart, pay and wait for deliveries to arrive. Look how successful E-bay and Amazon has become!!

If you're in the process of expanding/upgrading your online shopping site, and give it an unique headlong, or thinking of starting a new one, Ashop Commerce is the place for you.

Having good shopping cart software is very important.Ashop Commerce is a leading US provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online

Ashop Commerce Shopping Carts are integrated with all the major banks and it can also generate various types of reports for your shopping cart and also has Products Feeds for popular shopping comparison sites, part from providing Gift Coupons, and Discount and Multiple Currency and with free tech support on mail, Phone or fax… and has extremely reliable dedicated servers that comes with daily backups. On top of all that...for those who are into this online marketing….the carts are 100% Search Engine Optimised (SEO)...which ofcourse make sure your products rank the hightest they can on major Search Engines.

This e commerce software allows you full control in managing your online business all in one stop. Their shopping cart is already included with all major banks, credit cards and even PayPal for easy payments online.

So this will be a complete solution to all those of you out there who are planning to put up their online store

Inshort, Ashop Commerce Shopping Carts software provides the unique and best way to sell online and supports all aspects of e commerce software

Just sign in for a 10 days free trial with out any credit card and start selling online just now.

Pingo international calling cards.

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If you want to have a virtual calling card that can be used in 35 countries... Then Pingo calling card is the best option.

Also you can save 90% of money on International calls with Pingo cheap calling card to India.

Cool features of Pingo include Pingo Business and Family plan where multiple accounts of all your family members can be comprised under a single administrative account

Pingo cheap calling card to India have no hidden fees, no surprises and has the best competitive rates globally. Apart from offering lowest rates it offers $5 in free calling from the point you register with them.

Not to mention, the rates are amazing. Besides, the calls are so clear, and it is PIN-less dialing which means that you dont need to enter your PIN everytime you call. And being a service of iBasis, you can be assured of the quality when making international phone calls.

If you're a mobile user, you can also save as much as 90%. Also you dont worry about cutting off in the middle of an international call due to insufficient funds in your account because with Pingo, you will be automatically recharge so that you will only be charged as you use your calling card.

The level of customer satisfaction is very high.As a result they have a succesful affiliate program.

As a Pingo Affiliate not only do you get paid for every new calling card you sell, but you'll also earn a commission each time your customers recharge their cards within their first six months. With Pingo's high customer recharge rate, just a single sale can keep on generating commissions.

Sign up at Pingo today and receive your FREE Calls!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thoof - what is it ?

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Unless you have been busy, you’ve probably not heard about the new Personalized News Service called THOOF.

Thoof, in short, is another social bookmarking site, like Digg and Stumble.

Except that the kinds of stories and articles that appear on your Thoof page are much more targeted to your searching and bookmarking preferences. Imagine you have your own personalized news site, and then you can add more info to the topic that you like, while sharing this info with other people.

Basically, Thoof is a user generated news and information service that learns about what you are interested in and delivers personalized news that you care about.

Although it is still confusing, how they came up with this name !

When you submit a story to Thoof, you will be given a ThoofRank badge that you can insert into your blog. Then, let others people rank your story. You will know if your story is good after you got a good rank.

There’s a ThoofRank system that comes in the form of a button (for blogs) which is a percentage that starts from 1%. When your ThoofRank rises to above 50%, the article is considered interesting to people. The percentage of your article is a percentage relative to other stories submitted by others and therefore it’s very fair!

This is the single most advantage THOOF has over all the other social bookmarking sites. And there is no other site that offers the users, this kind of service.

It is fun, being served up with results that are supposed to match your personality!